Ground-Wire Cyber Security

Published May 2011!

"Securing the Cloud: Cloud Computer Security Techniques and Tactics"  

author: Vic (J.R.) Winkler 
publisher: Elsevier May 2011


"[Winkler] - who has an impressive background in security, including at government level - makes a valiant attempt to cover the challenges that face them.The book doesn't so much as tell you how to do it as provide a generic blueprint detailing all the factors you'll need to consider to make safe use of cloud services.What [Winkler] does successfully is create a document against which you can judge your own policies and strategies. There are so many facets to cloud computing - and particularly to securing it - that it's easy to overlook something important. With this book, you can evaluate your plans and see where the gaps are."

"provides the reader with a good overview of what you need to do to ensure that your cloud-based infrastructure provides you with an adequate level of security.The booked is written for those who need a good high-level framework in which to design security around their cloud initiatives. The author provides many real-world examples of how you can implement the various scenarios he details. This makes some of the more abstract concepts a bit easier to understand."--Ben Rothke: Security Reading Room

"Overall, Winkler's book certainly achieves its goal, that is to 'help one facilitate the design, deployment and secure using of a cloud.' The work confirms that even advanced issues may be presented and explained in a transparent and comprehensible way. The author manages to guide a reader through all steps in cloud computing, from implementation or choice of a service provider to efficient protection of a user's data. This book is highly recommended to network engineers but may also be worth reading for anyone interested in cloud computing."-- IEEE Communications September 2011, p. 20