Ground-Wire Cyber Security

To whom it may concern,

My name is J.R. ("Vic") Winkler, I am seeking a senior leadership position in cyber or cloud security. I have extensive experience in Information Security, cloud infrastructure, operations,  and leading-edge IT development. With numerous technical publications of my own, I have also been a technical reviewer of conference security paper submissions, I am the editor of a technical book on Cloud Security ("Securing the Cloud", Elsevier, 2011).  During my career, I have been a key contributor at two excellent engineering-oriented companies:

  • PRC Inc. (a leading US Government consulting contractor in its day), and
  • Sun Microsystems (a leading hardware and software vendor).

At PRC and Sun, I conceived and developed several leading-edge security solutions, built and managed several talented teams, and represented my corporations to customers, industry groups and in numerous government forums and working groups. At PRC, I spent a decade in leading-edge security R&D, including trusted Unix OS design. I was a pioneer in network-based intrusion detection ("ISOA"), and broke ground on data fusion techniques for network security monitoring - that work included bridging physical facility security (sensors and controls) with computer and network security access and detection. At Sun Microsystems, I was a leader in several Internet-facing efforts, where I was responsible for developing and implementing successful security strategies and architectures for:

  • SunGrid
  •, and
  • The public Sun Cloud.

In these three efforts, I developed leading expertise in data center design, data center operations, and security (information, server, network and physical) for data centers.   I both experienced and addressed the same problems and costs that customers face every day.

In brief, my formative work experiences include:

  • Designed an early Trusted (B1 Level) Unix operating system
  • Developed early leading-edge network-based intrusion detection system
  • Responsible for security operations for large Internet facing systems
  • Numerous technical publications and presentations at national forums

Previously (for 20+ years), I held a national security clearance requiring a polygraph. I am a fluent German speaker, and am well versed in numerous computer languages...

Finally: I am customer friendly and happy to write (having published numerous technical papers and customer facing documents).


Thank you,

Vic Winkler